The Faim hit the stage Friday night, May 10th at Phantasy Night Club in Lakewood, Ohio! The night was wild and crazy and everything you would want on a Friday in Cleveland! The venue itself is somewhat unique, with a pirate ship located in the middle of the dance floor. Inside the boat are the lights and sound board (and likely plenty of rum.)

With seeing hundreds of bands perform a year, it truly takes a standout act to become memorable for me. The Faim is one of the bands that I will remember for a long time! The energy they bring to the stage is contagious and makes you want to sing and dance to every song. Josh Raven, sings his heart out with every lyric and is constantly interacting with the fans in the crowd. At the beginning of the set, Josh would spend a lot of time at the barrier and sing with the crowd. Later in the set, he migrated to the middle of the crowd and decided to host a dance party. At the end of the set, he climbed on top of the pirate ship and belted out the final notes of their set to the crowd cheering and applauding. Their setlist consisted of all the fan favorites, including “Summer Is a Curse” and “Saints of the Sinners”.

The Faim is currently touring with Andy Black through May 17th. From there they will be heading back to Austria for the summer. You can stay up-to-date on all things The Faim at