The progressive metal storytellers Living Machines beckon you to enter their sci-fi universe with their new single “Harvest” and its cinematic music video. The story of their fictional universe, Gemini, further unfolds in their upcoming album ‘II: Inferius’ and the graphic novel that will accompany it.

About “Harvest”, drummer/vocalist Quinn McGraw stated:
“[The single] was a pretty big step forward for everyone in Living Machines, both musically and professionally. I wrote most of the instrumentals for ‘I: After Onyx’ myself, so having everyone involved in the writing process was fairly new territory for us. With Robin and Mason handling virtually all of the riff writing on ‘II: Inferius’ and our new vocalist Ryan bringing a lot of vocal variety to the table, we knew we’d craft a sound that was notably different from our first EP: sinister, more aggressive, yet keeping the melodic aspects of the story-telling hooks alive. I feel that the darker tone of these songs is in some ways a reflection of us working through our lineup change and searching for a sense of stability. I’m really grateful for how pivotal the guys have been in bringing this next chapter of Gemini to life in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible.”

About the single’s place in the story of Gemini, he stated:
“As far as the story goes, “Harvest” is the first part of the main story-arc for Gemini (taking place roughly 40 years after The Great Collision). Our first EP serves as a prologue and was mostly written to establish the world, introduce the alien race that coexists with humanity (the Aluna) and a pair of key characters. Now that the world has been built, we dive head first into a new tale that will span our next 5-6 albums. I’m pumped that we’re finally getting right into the meat of the story!”

All of the band’s music exists in the Gemini universe. The story is one that is told through music and graphic novels accompanying each release in the style of Coheed and Cambria.

The latest single “Harvest” from Living Machines balances the technical prowess of Between the Buried and Me with chugging low-end grooves and a strong sense of melody that will appeal to fans of Architects and Dance Gavin Dance.