Irish punk band Katie’s Randy Cat is premiering their new single “Die For These”. The track is for anyone who fights against oppression and will be on their upcoming EP of the same name.

The band’s EP ‘Die For These’ is a combination of traditional Irish rebel songs and original songs of social uprising. The title track is an original song that stresses they use Irish inspiration in their music. “SAM Song” and “Official IRA” are Irish Republican Army songs decrying the British occupation of Northern Ireland, with the former being an upbeat rock tune and the latter being infused with punk anger. The original song “Remember Bobby Sands” pays homage to Bobby Sands, who was a martyr of the IRA hunger strikes that died in 1981. It admonishes social rebels to remember the sacrifices of Irish martyrs when faced with stress and doubt.

Katie’s Randy Cat plays rebel music with an electric edge that ranges from Celtic-inspired originals to unique versions of traditional Irish folk songs. The band consists of Steve Steel (lead vocals/accordion), Peter Kharchenko (lead guitar), Greg Heldt (rhythm guitar), Jon Zenz (bass), and Matt Jones (drums). They use the Irish experience as a metaphor for experiencing the human condition while smashing through the limitations of musical genres.

The band’s 2019 dual release, ‘Irish Fire’ (released in October) and ‘Die For These’ (upcoming), highlight the two sides of Katie’s Randy Cat’s work including raucous celebration and no-holds-barred rebellion.

Photo Credit: Courtney Fillion Photography

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