Chicago-based band Four Stars released their new single “Small Hands, Small Spaces” and its accompanying music video. The track will be on their upcoming EP ‘Headspace’, which was produced by Nick Diener (The Swellers) and is slated for release on February 29th.

About “Small Hands, Small Spaces”, vocalist Aida Ahmed stated:
“[The single] is a song about feeling a certain way, not knowing why you feel that way, and knowing that it’s okay to feel what you do. The lyrics to this song is the release to all the social anxiety I experience in my day to day. I often used to feel terrible about having to cancel plans with friends/family because my anxiety got the best of me, despite knowing I just needed time to get in the right headspace.”

In the video, a morphsuit follows bassist Danny Escobar to represent anxiety in a variety of aspects of his life. It’s never anything tangible stopping him from living his life, but it decreases his quality of life when it’s around. The only time it’s not around is when he’s doing what he loves.

Originally brought together by a shared desire to enter a Battle Of The Bands contest in 2017, the band has since opened for the likes of Boys Of Fall, Oh Weatherly, and Never Loved. Formerly known as Tougher Than You Thought, their recent name change was brought on by holding their roots close to heart. The name Four Stars is designed to represent the four red stars on the Chicago city flag. They have a sound that’s consistently evolving without ever forgetting where its heart really belongs.

Four Stars will be releasing their sophomore EP ‘Headspace’ everywhere on February 29th.

EP Release Show:
3/7 – Chicago, IL – Downstairs Subterranean

Photo Credit: Alex Zarek