The blackened deathcore band Serpents released a music video for their single “The Lust of The Lawless”. The song is from their latest full-length concept album ‘Temet Nosce’.

About “The Lust of The Lawless”, frontman Andrew Mikhail stated:
“[It] as a song, is a parable of one unifying with their inner shadow; and venturing onward into the unknown, hand-in-hand—together. A message echoed throughout the ages, by all seekers alike; of self-attainment on the path to transcendence. Yet, being that we are all our own greatest adversaries, the process of such a transformation can also be one of lunacy, loneliness, and depravity; and that is what the music and the video for this song are meant to signify—the coniunctio of opposites within one’s mind.”

The video for the track coincided with the band’s ten year anniversary. They had also been doing a limited edition vinyl pre-order of their debut album but, due to the tough times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to refund those orders.

Continuing about the refund, he stated:
“We also had a limited edition vinyl pre-order of our debut album, ‘Born of Ishtar’, to coincide with all this. But, considering the state of affairs, we have decided to refund vinyl pre-orders in hopes to give our fans a little relief at this time; where some artists are digging deeper into their fans pockets, we would like to do the opposite.”