California-based band Crooked Teeth released the music video for their new single “Gone Forever”. Self-proclaimed to be “bedroom pop for emo kids”, the sound is like blink-182 meets SayWeCanFly mixed with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

About the single, vocalist/guitarist Tyson Evans stated:
“I wrote this song in the summer of 2019 after spending months on tour. I was settling into my first seemingly stable relationship in years however every high point was met with lows by way of distance and the push and pull of chasing childhood dreams in the back of a van on tour.”

Continuing, he stated:
“Fast forward a year later and I’m learning to be happy alone in the midst of a global pandemic. Listening back on this song feels like a time machine to a feeling that I don’t feel as familiar with all the madness outside my window. This song serves as a memory of a time when escapism felt tangible and codependency plagued my personal growth.”

Art and Animation Credit: Nicole Mauck