​New Orleans heavy rock/metal band Transient released their debut single “Nightmare” and its accompanying music video via Dreambound on October 18th. This new band led by Jody Linnell (Smile Empty Soul/12 Stones) bursts out of the gates with a blistering track that delves into personal emotions, the darkness and pain inside.

About the single, vocalist Trey J. Mollo stated:
“This song is a story about being consumed. Consumed by fear and doubt. Consumed by painful, hurtful memories that are twisted around life-long embarrassments and ridicule that burn so much they scar the mind and soul. Through this music, through this song I am able to give these emotions a voice and host that separates the pain. I want you to feel it. I want you to fear my Nightmare.”

Led by former Smile Empty Soul and 12 Stones bassist Jody Linnell, the heavy rock/metal band Transient is rounded out by seasoned musicians. Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, the project began as a solo endeavor, but after about a year Linnell decided to recruit good friends from his regional area to complete the lineup.

The band consists of Jody Linnell (guitar), Trey J. Mollo (vocals), Emmett Shumate (guitar), Brian Bennett (bass), and Phil Krohn (drums). Linnell has not only been in the previously mentioned bands, he has also performed in multiple local bands over the past several years. Each of the other members have done regional projects and are veterans of their respective scenes.

After forming in 2020 and getting the lineup together, the band went in to record with Jonathan Dolese at KonKrete Studios in Kenner, Louisiana. Transient’s debut single “Nightmare” along with its official music video, which premiered on the Dreambound YouTube Channel, were released on October 18th, 2020.