Midwestern emo band Giants Chair is back after a 23 year absence. They released their new single “Dirty Winter” and announced that their new album ‘Prefabylon’ will be released on December 6th via Spartan Records. The band also confirmed a series of shows in late November.

About “Dirty Winter”, frontman Scott Hobart stated:
“[The single] was one of the first songs we started writing for this record, but we kept reworking it until it was also one of the last songs we finished before recording. It seems to be about being lost and freezing – blind in a blizzard of lies.”

Pre-order ‘Prefabylon’ here: https://spr.tn/giantschair

Giants Chair consists of Scott Hobart (vocals/guitar), Byron Collum (bass), and Paul Ackerman (drums). In the early nineties, these three musicians found one another and began to power a sound. After years of writing and recording, innumerable sweaty basement shows, thousands of miles of highway blur, and a million fragmented memories, the fire that fueled Giants Chair gave way to new responsibilities but it never went out.

For more than two decades now their records have lived on turntables, blasted through car speakers, rattled apartment walls, and destroyed headphones. For many, each of their releases serves as a time machine and a soundtrack for their wobbly path toward adulthood. Now, the soundtrack continues with the return of the band and their upcoming album ‘Prefabylon’.

With all of the band’s original core components and members still intact, there will be no departure from the band’s signature post-punk sound. They are simply picking up where they left off with the same guys, the same process, the same gear, and the same feel. After a year of intensive writing and focused pre-production, Prefabylon came to life at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City, MO with the help of engineer Duane Trower. Drums, bass, and foundational guitars were tracked live in two sessions. Over the weeks that followed, vocals and the remaining guitar elements were meticulously added to the mix.

‘Prefabylon’ Tracklist:
1. Rust Belt Rooster
2. Black Static
3. Dirty Winter
4. Kids Running
5. Vaguely Familiar
6. Ghost Love
7. Russian Racehorse
8. Time Lapse Shadows
9. Lost Again
10. House Lights

2019 Tour Dates
11/22 – St. Louis, MO – The Heavy Anchor
11/23 – Milwaukee, MI – Cactus Club
11/29 – Kansas City, MO – The Brick

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