UK-based pop-punk band High Visions released their new single “Checkpoint Charlie” along with its music video. The track discusses staying true to yourself and finding your own path in life despite pressure to conform.

About the single, bassist/vocalist Zyggy stated:
“Checkpoint Charlie is about the juxtaposition we all feel between staying true to ourselves and what society says we should do. It can be difficult for us to stay on the right path in our lives, with people expecting us to fall in line and conform to society’s norms. High Visions completely rejects the idea that we can’t live authentically. We need to stay true to ourselves. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. We’ve come too far to let this go.”

“Checkpoint Charlie” fuses together the more melodic and aggressive elements from previous material while experimenting with and incorporating some new influences from outside the punk genre. The title, named after the checkpoint that separated Berlin, acts as a metaphor for how a person’s goals, dreams, and aspirations may be separate from what society or others want for them.

Formed in a nightclub toilet in Leeds, the band consists of Louis Flynn (guitar/vocals), Zyggy (bass/vocals), and Alex Fell (drums). They have blended the catchy modern pop-punk sound with the fast gritty sound of late 90’s skate-punk and post-hardcore. The band has played shows in the UK and mainland Europe alongside acts such as Mallory Knox, Death by Stereo, Blood Youth, and Allusinlove.

Showing no signs of slowing down, High Visions is a band to watch.

Photo Credit: Apertunes Photography