Texas-based post-hardcore band Balsam Grove released their new single “Brace Yourself!” and its lyric video. Written during a tough time, the track is chaotic and melodic while discussing depression and marking a point of change.

About “Brace Yourself!”, vocalist/guitarist Larry Lee Hansen stated:
“[It] is a song about enduring struggle and fighting off the more self-defeating parts of your psyche. Lyrically, this song uses a lot of metaphors to talk about depression, about being at your lowest point. When we started writing this album, we had just gone on hiatus and lost half of our original lineup. I personally was dealing with some pretty serious depression at that time and was angry because I wanted to continue to be active with music, but our situation kind of prevented that for a while. So we wanted to make a song that would signify our change and our growth, both personal change and musical. The overall tone was about getting through your struggles and finding hope. Staying hopeful and optimistic even when you are losing it. With “Brace Yourself!”, our style shifted dramatically and became much more intricate in structure. The single represents a new start for the band and I believe the music definitely reflects that. I hope that this song, and the rest of our album, will comfort anyone who takes the time to listen to it. I want the lyrics I wrote for this song to reach people on a personal level and make them feel that they can get through whatever obstacles or immovable objects they might be facing. It’s hard to look ahead when you are deep in a rut like that. This song goes out to anybody who is currently in one of those ruts and is looking to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Brace yourself, change is coming soon!”

“Brace Yourself!” is off of the band’s upcoming self-titled debut full-length record, which is set to be released this summer via Just Noise Music. The album was self-produced, self-mixed, and includes the drumming style of session drummer Devin Greig (Save Us From The Archon, Angel Vivaldi).

Balsam Grove is comprised of Larry Lee Hansen (vocals/guitar), Michael Ermis (bass), and Jim Tobakos (guitar/vocals). Formed in 2018, their sound is infused with each member’s diverse musical background. They released their first single “Echoes of the Past” and its accompanying music video in July of 2018. Following the release of their debut EP ‘Echoes of the Past’, which earned them local media attention and radio airplay, they began playing shows around the coastal bend and becoming active in the local music scene. In December of 2018, the band’s original lineup released its final single “Civil Twilight” then announced their indefinite hiatus.

Things shifted in 2019, and the future of the band was unsure, but personal meaning placed into their music inspired Larry Lee Hansen and Michael Ermis to carry on. The two joined forces with Michigan guitarist/producer Jim Tobakos, who would become the band’s lead guitarist. This change in lineup saw their early sound start to shift into something more mature and more articulate. After over a year of writing and recording new material, Balsam Grove is back with new music.