The rock band Infinite Eve recently released their new video for their cover of Paramore’s “Conspiracy”. They are big fans of Paramore and wanted to pay homage to them through recording a cover of their single.

Infinite Eve features the soaring vocals of Eve Naylor and the crushing guitar work of Paul Warren. The band is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Eve Naylor is a singer/songwriter and has had a burning passion for singing since early childhood. She has perfected many vocal styles and has excelled at rock performance. Paul Warren is the director of the Raleigh Music Academy where he teaches guitar through private lessons, clinics, and workshops. He proudly endorses Ernie Ball strings, Dimarzio pickups and Port City Amplification guitar cabinets.

In 2017, Eve and Paul formed Infinite Eve. They work well together to write, arrange, and produce their own brand of melodic rock that has been very well received by the many new fans they have quickly gained.

You can see them live on July 13th with Andy Wood at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, North Carolina.